Cost effective Cloud-Based HR software designed to simplify and automate HR processes and people management.

24x7 access to staff information and tools to help make your life easier.

A single HR software that’s easy to use. Our new software enables organisations to effectively manage HR and dramatically reduce the internal time your staff spend on HR admin and costs.

Holiday and Absence Planner

Holiday and Absence Planner

Our Holiday and Absence planner makes your life easier, simpler and saves time.

  • Weekly and monthly calendar screen to see which employees are off sick, on holiday or working from home so you can accept or reject their time off requests.
  • Track the number of leave days or time off that has been taken by your employees and how many are remaining
  • Give staff access to their own dashboard so they can view how many days, holidays they have remaining and can request time off online.
Online Timesheets Management

Online Timesheets Management

Manage & track employee working hours in a hassle-free manner.

  • Online Timesheets Management Tools help employer to keep track of their employees working hours, to record work, manage tasks and track projects in one system.
  • Employees can manage, submit their timesheets from anywhere and anytime.
  • It helps employers in reviewing employee performance and manage your business better.
  • Do it yourself Tool. Easy-to-use online Timesheet Management.
  • Tracks employee working time, and increase productivity.
  • Makes it easier to calculate holiday pay and wages.
HR Reports

HR Reports

Cloud-based HR Reports helps to evaluate performance and maximise the business growth.

  • Our Cloud-Based 'Dynamic HR report' tool provides real-time information about employee activity and performance.
  • Organisations can view reports on screen, export as PDF and print the reports.
  • Cloud-based HR reports can make HR Staff, employers’ life simpler without any pain.
  • Payroll report, pulls together all the information you need for whoever does your payroll, or we can do that for you too.
  • Snapshot report of who you employ, how long they have worked for you and average salary and sick days taken.
  • Employee data at your fingertips 24x7, view sick days, late attendance, salary, pay rise or bonuses as well as their full contact details.


Real time reminders for everything from national holidays to employee birthdays; performance updates and new policy to enable a real-time linkage between HR staff and employer. Never miss another HR deadline or important date, our online software will remind you about:

  • Maternity/Paternity Leave dates
  • Work permit deadline
  • End of probation
  • Training or qualification expiry dates
  • Staffs employment anniversaries
  • Staff birthdays


Staff appraisals are very important and they help you maximise, motivate and engage your people. They help you identify and resolve issues relating to staff performance and morale before it’s too late.

With our online HR software, you can

  • Set agreed goals with your employees and keep a track of their progress
  • Allow staff to see this on their personal dash board too so they don’t forget
  • Follow an online step by step process for doing an appraisal or ask one of our HR consultants to help you with the process.
Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our software function helps keep your staff safe and your organisation complaint

  • Stores details of all key Health & Safety roles for each location
  • Sends warnings out if any of these role-holdersare due to leave so that the Health and Safety role can be replaced in time.
  • All staff can use the system to see who the H&S officers are and also find out where the First Aid kit is located.
Staff Expenses

Staff Expenses

Our expenses system lets your staff quickly and easily fill in an expense claim from their smartphone or computer.

  • Easily upload pictures of receipts to attach to each claim
  • Charge the expense to a project/client or code.
  • Approve or reject the expenses online and a record of the expense claim is filed away.
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